HD Streamz Mod APK Watch TV Free Worldwide

Did you know that HD Streamz Mod APK can be used to watch television channels around the world. Of course this will be very helpful for those of you who are getting bored with Indonesian channels.

The existence of such software has actually been quite a long time and has been widely used by foreign users. However, because it is paid, its popularity in Indonesia is less widespread.

We will explain how the application actually works up to its features. Then the differences between the regular and mod versions so you can take them as a reference.

If we do not know the full details it will be sufficient to limit capabilities. By examining more deeply we can find out what its potential will be like when it is used every day.

What is HD Streamz Mod APK

HD Streamz Mod APK

HD Streamz

This is actually a modified version of the related software so that the features are more user-friendly. In general, we can simplify HD streamz like international television channels.

So we can see various kinds of shows from all over the country without any particular restrictions. No one has ever counted how many total channels are provided using this software.

But many people and even developers claim that HD Streamz Mod APK provides more than 1,000 channels. Of course this is more than enough to satisfy your leisure time entertainment.

For people who are not familiar with software like this, there is no need to have trouble using it. We can think of it as similar to YouTube, but the contents are television channels from specific countries.

So that when used the options are very much like television but in digital form. The operation is also relatively simple so that it can give us convenience when we want to use it every day.

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We’ll cover APK issues in more detail in the next segment so you can understand the differences. So the original version and the HD Streamz Mod APK are quite different and the functionality is not the same.

So according to our hypothesis, this application is actually not worth using at all. However, when the version is mod, it will turn out to be far more functional than the original.

We highly recommend you to use the mod version instead of the original. Because from a functional point of view it is much different and comfort when used is also quite far apart.
The difference between HD Streamz Mod APK and the Regular Version

There are four notable differences from the original version and the mod of this one software. We will discuss everything in detail so that you as a potential user can use it as a reference for consideration of use.

In the original version additional ads will appear every few minutes we use the application. Of course things like that are very distracting and make concentration on impressions less.

However, when we use the mod version, the additional ads will disappear completely. This means that we can enjoy events more flexibly and comfortably because there are no advertisements.

Image quality

For the regular version, the image quality is limited to SD so it doesn’t satisfy the eye. However, in this mod the image is sharpened more so that it makes the audience feel more comfortable.

The use of HD image quality can actually be obtained when we pay for the original version. But in HD Streamz Mod APK we can get it without having to pay a fee.

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No junk files

Junk files are common in applications that display external advertisements. When we use the original version of this junk file can take up to several gb of internal storage.

Smoother signal

Usually when we use an ordinary signal there will be buffering when using the original application. However, when we use the mod version, the signal quality will be smoother.

This happens because the mod turns off the luminati service which takes up quite a lot of bandwidth. So that in the absence of the luminati service, the connection results become more stable.

Features of HD Streamz Mod APK

As a potential user, you also need to know what features are in this application. We will explain in detail so that it can be used as a reference before using it.

Remove ads

We mentioned this feature a little earlier where external ads will not appear. Not only those that appear in full screen but also the form of banner ads are all removed.

Eliminate temp files

Temporary files are removed when we use the mod version to make it lighter. If the temp files are getting bigger, the impact on the device will be significantly slower.

Turn off analytics

Analytics is one of the things that makes the network slower. HD Streamz Mod APK removes the analytics so that later users don’t need to consume large bandwidth.


No force update is one of the most anticipated features because it turns off the update immediately. Users actually don’t need frequent updates when using an application like this.

Startup optimization

The application startup process is faster, one of which is because the luminati screen is turned off. So when we open the APK it will immediately enter the channel options and watch it.

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Lite support

For HD Streamz Mod APK, lighter support is provided so it doesn’t burden the device. This of course makes us low end device users need not worry too much.

If you already know the various features, of course now you are even more confident about using them. Indeed, this software is more complete when modifications have been made to the internal parts.

Please also note that each newer modified version will have feature updates. So that the six aspects above are the most basic things from each version that are always there and used by users.

How To Use HD Streamz Mod APK

When you want to use this application, it’s actually quite simple to implement. We will provide tutorials starting from installing it to how to operate it to watch shows.


To download this mod you can search for yourself on the internet with specific keywords. Just use the top search results and try whether the download can be done or not.

If you can’t download it, just leave the site and look for other options. It will be relatively faster when compared to us forcing ourselves to keep downloading it.

Link Download Latest HD Streamz Mod Apk

APK Name HD Streamz Mod Apk
Patch Version V.3.5.39
Minimum Android OS 4.5+
File Size 12.9MB
Download HD_STREAMZ-v3.5.39


Installation can be done immediately if you download the HD Streamz Mod APK form. If the file extension is still zip or rar, the user needs to extract it first.

Once the extraction is complete and we have the APK file we just have to open it and the installation wizard will come out. Follow the wizard and wait a few moments until the installation process is complete.