Free Interbank Money Transfer Application

There are many developments made by experienced developers to facilitate people’s daily work, especially when transacting between friends and different banks.

Different banks will incur additional fees in the form of administration fees in accordance with the provisions of each bank.

To minimize this problem, you have to use the convenience of this application so that it doesn’t take up additional money anymore.

Interbank Money Transfer Application

Interbank Money Transfer Application

So that the existence of this application is very useful and helps people in their activities and transfers money to all accounts of different bank customers without being charged any additional money.

Here are some free interbank money transfer applications that you can use in your daily financial transactions.

Flip (Play Store)

Flip Free Transfers

This one platform is no longer strange. Flip is very popular among people who like free transfers and there are no additional fees at all. So that people feel very helpful with the flip.

Established since 2016 and has received official permission from the Indonesian bank, Flip is easily trusted by many people. In particular, there is clear evidence that every transaction using flip is free.

However, please note that there is a maximum limit for making free transactions. For transactions above 5 million you have to use flip+, while above 25 million you will be charged a fee of IDR 2,500

LinkAja (Play Store)


This application is no less popular than before. It has been used by several state-owned enterprises and has proven its legitimacy and security when operated properly.

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Store data in a safe condition so that users can feel safe and comfortable when making transactions. Founded in 2019 and is a new platform.

Even though it was just established, it has already won a lot of public trust so that users can be interested in using this free interbank money transfer application.

PayFazz (Play Store)

Of course, free transaction users will not be strangers to this platform. Being ranked 88th in Indonesia shows that PayFazz is very much in demand. That way you can be sure that this platform is one of the best in its field.

It has a way of working that is almost the same as flip, namely having two services, namely regular with priority. For you the priority is available to transact more than usual.

Apart from being used to transfer money, PayFazz can usually be used to pay bills such as electricity, water and various types of household bills and other things.

Gopay (Play Store)

gopay bts

Gopay will not be foreign to the public even though it does not make transactions often. Gopay is already very popular among various ages and layers so that everyone must already know Gopay.

Gopay is a free interbank money transfer application that facilitates free money transactions at all banks in Indonesia. However, to ensure that the Gopay balance is enough, you have to check it.

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If it’s not enough you have to fill it first. Gopay has a minimum transaction limit of 10 thousand in one delivery. In filling it out yourself, you can use internet banking or mbanking and the like.

DANA (Play Store)

digital wallet funds

Unlike the previous platform which had a minimum transaction limit, DANA itself does not have a certain limit for sending money. You can trade any amount without additional money.

You can use this one free interbank money transfer to the fullest because it has no limit, so you only need to make sure that the balance is sufficient.

This platform is perfect for discount hunters who like various types of promos available to increase user interest and attract the attention of the general public to use DANA.

Neu (Play Store)

Neu Free interbank transfer application

Even though it is not as popular as most of the platforms above, it is enough to provide many benefits for those of you who need it. So don’t hesitate to use it.

Unlike other applications, which free admin fees at various banks in Indonesia, Neu only provides additional money freedom at BNI, Mandiri, BCA and BRI banks.

Even though you have the freedom to make transactions at these four different banks, you are still burdened with a unique three-digit code that must be filled in every time you make a transaction of any kind.

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Netzme (Play Store)

Netzme Free interbank money transfer application

Netzme is a free interbank money transfer application that many people can use. Do not have additional money from each transaction because the service is provided free of charge.

There is a different feature on Netzme that cannot be found on other platforms, namely the chat feature. This feature makes it possible to communicate with other Netzme users.

Seen from afar, Netzem is no different from other platforms in terms of how it functions and works. You have to fill in the balance so you can make transactions at several different banks.

OY! Indonesia (Play Store)

OY! Indonesia

OY! Indonesia has a function not much different from other free transaction platforms. In this application there are advanced features such as e-wallet top ups, money transfers and financial activity records.

OY! Indonesia has a new feature, which is to link your account with a bank account that you use every day, you can also use a debit card or something related to the transaction card.

If you want to use the various conveniences of this feature, such as free transfers, then use the manual transaction feature. That way, transactions are carried out without being subject to administrative fees.

You can get various easy access as a user. One of them is by using a free interbank money transfer application. Besides making it easier for you, you can also bring in more profit by saving money.